Beautyblender’s New Bounce Liquid Foundation Got A On Its First Test

Image by beautyblenderbenelux/Instagram

The basic criterium for any beauty brand that is about to launch a new foundation product is to create a foundation that is good–long–wearing, blendable, with shades that don’t oxidize or develop weird undertones.

Some brands just know how to make a good foundation product, and some are struggling, so we wanted to see if Beatyblender’s New Bounce Liquid Foundation is going to meet the general criteria.

When Beautyblender announced its new Bounce foundation, many were excited, but also pretty skeptical. When you think about it, the Beautyblender decision was absolutely logical. The Beautyblender was first created to apply liquid foundation flawlessly, so it was the right time for a Beautyblender foundation product as well.

Beautyblender’s product comes with some pretty innovative things like the option to not apply the foundation on the back of your hands but to directly dip the Blender in the previously-squeezed foundation. Also, you can mix liquid bronzer or highlighter directly into the well with your foundation.

The formula itself is a game–changer as well, as its texture is light–as–air with a whipped, mousse–like consistency. It all really deserves no less than A on the first test of this Beautyblender product.