Beds Are Now a True Sign of Luxury

Image via hastensbeds/Instagram

Fashion companies are always on the hunt for the next big trend, trying to set it before their competition. One of the surprising things that caught our attention in the recent Supreme Fall/Winter 2021 collection was their red and white bed which made us think—are beds the new sign of luxury? At these prices, they better be really good!

The king-size bed comes with “27 layers of Hästens horsetail hair, Hästens cotton and wool, Hästens flax, Hästens pocket springs and Bonnell,” reads Hästens website. Hästens is a famous Swedish company specializing in beds, bed linen, pillows, and lifestyle accessories. They worked together with Supreme to create this luxurious bed. The bed is still not available to purchase, so we don’t know the exact price, but keep in mind that the most basic Hästens beds cost around $10,000, and this will be a designer piece.

Not revealing the price reminds us of those pricey restaurants that don’t have prices on the menu—a sure sign that not everyone can afford it! A high-quality bed is definitely an investment and typically worth every cent you spend on it, but we never knew it would become a way to show others how rich you are!