“Confetti” Eyeliner is the Burst of Color We All Need

Confetti eyeliner
Image via AllaSerebrina/depositphotos

Event though mask requirements are being lifted, it doesn’t mean you can’t still make bold statements with your eye makeup. Now’s the perfect time to show that you’ve mastered your makeup skills as things start to open back up and we can finally go out again. “Confetti” eyeliner lets you celebrate your newfound freedom and it will bring the party with your wherever you decide to go. It’s bold and exciting, which is exactly what we could all use right about now.

The new eyeliner trend was featured in MAC Cosmetic’s 2021 spring and summer makeup trend report and most of the versions feature bright, dramatic colors. It’s pretty much a colorful, dotted version of the classic cat eye, but you can experiment with it however you want to. This can include lining your eyes with dots in every color imaginable or applying colors directly to your entire lid. There are endless options to choose from.

Perhaps the best part of confetti eyeliner is it’s super easy to create at home and the dots don’t need to be perfect. In fact, they look even better when they’re imperfect. All you need for the look is a gel, liquid, or pencil eyeliner in a bold color that will pop.