Kombucha is Getting Big and Craftier in 2018

Photo by LyraSid on Pixabay

It’s been a long way, but we can now safely say that kombucha has become a mainstream drink adored by many people who are into healthy food. With the newly-gained popularity, a number of craft brewers are starting to make their own version of this fermented drink.

Apparently, kombucha is a $600 million/year category at the moment. Existing breweries are expanding to this market and the investors are happy to help them out in that mission.

Similarly to craft beer and artisanal coffee, kombucha is becoming a specialty drink at many places. Local flavors are being invented so you can try a different kombucha version anywhere you go.

You can expect an even greater variety of kombucha drinks in grocery stores soon, so if you’re not already a fan, it might be the time to give this gut-friendly drink a go.