Lucy Poskitt Experiments with Weaving

Frame-loom weaving is a method related to the traditional techniques of tapestry weaving in which a loom is used to give the weave support and tension as you work. This technique is most often used to make tapestry-style weaving and is employed in creating decorative wall hangings, but also smaller pieces like placemats and coasters.

For textile master Lucy Poskitt, weaving provides the perfect mix between rigid structure and loose creativity. Working with a more experimental approach, Poskitt adheres to the belief that with the proper techniques under your belt you can confidently create and explore your own style.

“Most of my professional work is made with traditional materials–wool, linen, and cotton yarn,” she further relayed in an interview with KOEL Stories. “When I’m creatively stuck or have time to play around, I really enjoy more unusual, less traditional fibers–horsehair, leather scraps, paper, ropes and trims, wood veneer, mylar… you name it!”

Based in Victoria, BC, her work is inspired by local landscapes and lore, with the finished pieces very much nostalgic, but without crossing the line into old fashioned. Scrolling through her feed will inspire you to work your fingers around dense threads, creating pieces that are both comforting and original.