Pinterest Predicts 3 Food Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2022

Afternoon tea
Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Pinterest is one of our main sources of inspiration when it comes to everything from fashion and home décor to food and travel. We use it to make mood boards for our future, and our searches revealed some of the leading trends for 2022. When it comes to food, these three delicious trends are set to steal the show.

Elaborate Cakes

Over-the-top cakes have been around for quite some time and they’ll be going stronger than ever in 2022. Pinterest users have been searching for inspiration from all sorts of unusual desserts, from gravity-defying cakes to 3D and bubble cakes.

Traditional Dishes

“Ancestral eats” made the list of the hottest 2022 trends, and they’re all about going back to our roots. Traditional dishes from all over the globe will take the center stage in 2022, especially Russian, Arabic, South African, Norwegian, and Filipino cuisine—if Pinterest’s data is to be trusted.

Tea Parties

No longer just for little girls, afternoon tea will be the new happy hour in 2022. Tea parties are having a moment on Pinterest right now, and they’re all about the aesthetics. “Drinking tea pose” is one of the most searched phrases on this platform, but so are butterfly pea tea, high tea food ideas, and vintage tea parties.