The New Telfar and Ugg Collection is Out

Genderless fashion label Telfar and fluffy-Footwear giant Ugg has joined forces in what appears to be one of the hottest collaborations of the season, dropping a mutually designed collection. As expected, the much-anticipated collection was sold out super quickly; but no worries—they’re restocking it, so just make sure to keep up with official publications by the two brands and keep your mouse on the refresh button.

The new collection includes suave designs combining signature elements from both brands, making for must-have fashion items for consumers. From Telfar X Ugg boots with that irresistible Ugg fluffiness to a unique version of the iconic Telfar handbag and mutual designs of a Telfar X Ugg bucket hat, boxer shorts, and hoodie.

Both brands posted exciting announcements on the new collection on their respective Insta accounts, calling shoppers to tune into restock times and grab their own trendy mashup pieces asap. If you can’t wait to put your hands on all these fresh new fall/winter items, you can get the Telfar X Ugg collection online at the Telfar and Ugg online stores or on Telfar’s new channel, Telfar TV.