Edible Flowers are the Wellness Trend You Need to Try

Edible flowers
Photo by Jovan Vasiljević on Unsplash

When it comes to health and wellness trends, there are a ton of them and many of them are all hype, but they’re not actually worth your time. But edible flowers, the latest wellness trend, is actually proven to improve your health! Not only do they make your food look better, but they also have lots of health benefits. Here are some flowers to incorporate into your routine.


Roses have become associated with romance, but they also reduce inflammation, relieve menstrual pain, and help with the digestive process. One well-known rose-infused beverage you have to try is rose milk.


Dandelions can also fasciliate digestion and they’re an adaptogen, which means they help the body adapt to or resist the effects of stress on the body. The whole dandelion is edible, but their roots taste better than other parts and they’re great brewed in tea.


Chamomile is commonly found in sleepy-time teas and it’s calming and relaxing. It’s been used for centuries for these purposes and it also helps with gastrointestinal problems.


One of the most popular ingredients in floral teas is hibiscus and it’s recommended for people who have pre-diabetes and are at risk for developing type II diabetes due to how it levels blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Hibiscus also prevents inflammation and infection.


The petals from jasmine are used to scent tea and the shrub can reduce anxiety, boost concentration, help digestive issues, and relieve aches and pains.